Navitas Professional offers internship programs in all major Australian cities, allowing you to choose the ideal city in which to complete the program. We offer participants the flexibility to transfer between locations should they wish to study and undertake the internship in different cities. 

Perth residents enjoy an enviable lifestyle with great weather and beautiful beaches. It is well-known for being friendly, safe and relaxed, yet offers all the cosmopolitan attractions of a large international city. Perth is home to a large student population as it is an ideal place to study, work and unwind. For more information, visit


Essential information about living and travelling in Perth

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5 things to see or do in Perth

  1. Discover the city's theatrical and cultural scene at the Perth International Arts Festival
  2. Visit a colony of penguins and other marine life at Penguin Island
  3. Head to Kings Park and take in the spectacular city and Swan River views
  4. Learn to surf at any one of Perth's incredible beaches
  5. Jump in a car and visit one of the famous wineries