Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships

We are excited to announce that the Navitas Global Corporate Virtual Internship Program is now open for all students. Virtual Internships simulate the work graduates undertake in leading companies but provide the flexibility to students. 

It's an incredible opportunity for Finance and Accounting graduates and young professionals to apply their knowledge to practical graduate-level work tasks and receive feedback on their professional strengths. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights into one’s career-readiness in a chosen career path.

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Click here to experience the Navitas Global Corporate Virtual Internship.


Why join this virtual internship?

You will be able to access real world examples of finance tasks and gain insights into your current skills which will help you build your future career plan. You will receive actual examples of how a Navitas employee would undertake the work, and develop your understanding of the knowledge and skills that are required to work at a leading global corporate organisation.


Find out more

Contact to learn more about a tailored solution to enhance your student and program outcomes or if you are interested in showcasing your organisation through virtual work experience programs.