Agent resources

Agent resources

We believe that the relationship between agents and their clients is crucial to reaching our target audience. You'll find a number of our current marketing collateral listed here. Clicking on the links or thumbnails will open up the documents in a different tab, that can be downloaded.

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Professional Year Program - General

The Navitas Professional Year Program is a professional development program combining formal learning and an Australian internship placement. Navitas Professional is the only provider able to offer the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Professional Year Program, Engineers Australia’s Professional Year in Engineering and Accounting Professional Year Program nationwide. The program gives international graduates the skills to gain employment and excel in their chosen field. Successful completion provides eligibility for migration points towards permanent residency

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Accounting Professional Year Program

The Accounting Professional Year Program was developed by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA) and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA). The program is to provide accounting international graduates, from Australian universities, the opportunity to develop the skills and training they need to start their career. 

Navitas Professional is the only provider approved by the professional accounting bodies to deliver Accounting Professional Year Program across Australia.

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ACS Professional Year Program

The Professional Year Program - ACS was developed by Australian Computer Society (ACS) to give international information and communications technology (ICT) graduates, from Australian universities, the skills and training they need to start their career.

Navitas Professional is the only provider approved by ACS to deliver the Professional Year Program - ACS across Australia.

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Professional Year in Engineering

The Engineering Education Australia's (EEA) Professional Year Program in Engineering was developed to equip international engineering graduates, from Australian universities with the skills and experience they need to start a successful career. The program consists of training and an engineering internship placement to provide a pathway from study to employment in Australia.

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Career Experience Program

The Career Experience Program is a work-readiness program that bridges the gap between being a student and becoming a successful professional in your chosen field. Navitas Professional can give you the skills to achieve your career objectives through six interactive work-readiness workshops and an internship opportunity. The skills acquired during this program will strengthen your employment prospects and provide you with an increased understanding of how to secure a position and navigate the world of work successfully.

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Professional Internship Program

The Professional Internship Program can kick-start your career with online work-readiness modules and a professional internship that will improve your employability prospects. Program participants spend time immersed in a host company alongside Australian professionals. The program consists of three online workshops with a 12 week full-time or part-time internship. Navitas Professional and your host company will agree on a personalised training plan and allocate a mentor to you, so you, the participant, will get the most out of your internship and Australian workplace experience.

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Marketing Career Advancement Program

MCAP is a work readiness program that incorporates marketing industry best practice, development of employability skills for the Marketing profession and an industry specific marketing internship placement.

The program entails a 6-week online and face-to-face coursework component; followed by a 12-week vocational placement where students are able to apply their knowledge and skills in the workplace. The program is designed to supplement students’ university Marketing qualification through insights into current marketing best practice and will provide students with opportunities to showcase their skillset to prospective employers. Navitas Professional will be delivering the program in Sydney and is offering fresh Marketing graduates and final year students the opportunity to join the program from July 2019.

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