Work Integrated Learning

Study to Work

Work Integrated Learning is a tailored solution for higher education providers and agents looking for work-readiness training packages and access to industry placement opportunities. Navitas Professional’s Work Integrated Learning program is a fully customisable suite of workshops and Accredited Units of Competency, that cater to the needs of tertiary students at all stages of their preparation for the workplace.

Tailored packages have been developed with tertiary institutions to meet the needs of students, education providers and future employers. Some of these packages include, but are not limited to, interview and CV writing workshops embedded into course structures and internships placements.

With Navitas Professionals’ rigorous approach to internship management, you can be reassured we provide employers, students and institutions with a robust framework to implement and assess industry placements.

Work Integrated Learning components

Embedded within a program

Institutions can embed components of the Work Integrated Learning workshops and/or Accredited Units of Competency, within an existing degree or offer as individual courses or electives such as an internship placement.


Work Integrated Learning components can be delivered in addition to the students' formal studies either in session or during semester breaks.

Delivery and structure options

With Navitas Professional’s flexible range of delivery options, including online and face-to-face teaching, the method of delivery can be adapted to meet required learning outcomes.

Follow the links below for an overview of coursework components:

Additional engagement opportunities

Engagement opportunities with industry partners

Through our extensive networks and industry partners, Navitas Professional can organise networking events, group project work, guest speakers, site visits and other industry engagement opportunities.

These types of activities provide students with valuable insight into the Australian workplace and the different practices of small to medium businesses to large corporations. 

Industry engagement opportunities can also include student group projects designed and developed with industry partners, which involve ‘real-world’ assignments based around the company’s needs.

Examples include projects researching international expansion opportunities, marketing activities, social media projects, organisational structure reviews and other targeted themes.

Internships; full time or part time

Internships may be undertaken on a full time or part time basis and can be arranged to accommodate a student’s study schedule.  Many host companies prefer to host students on a full time basis and for longer periods of time (usually 12 weeks), to provide students with sufficient time to develop and apply their workplace understandings and skills.

Navitas Professional offers insurance to all participants undertaking internship placements. Our professional workplace training and internships are offered across a broad range of industries. 

Language testing and preparation

Navitas offers students access to internationally recognised English language test preparation.

IELTS or PTE-A online test preparation course

An online IELTS preparation course can be incorporated into the Work Integrated Learning program to assist students preparing for the IELTS or PTE-A test. Face-to-face IELTS preparation workshops are also available.

Business Language Testing Service (BULATS)

Navitas is a Cambridge BULATS authorised testing centre and is authorised to administer the test online at our centres throughout Australia. BULATS provides an assessment of workplace English language skills. Both BULATS test preparation and testing can be included in the Work Integrated Learning program.

Volunteering opportunities within an area of study

Through Navitas Professional’s relationships with charitable and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), students can undertake volunteering tasks related to their area of study.

Professional study tour programs inbound and outbound

Navitas Professional can provide tailored programs to meet the needs of both inbound and outbound groups, including visiting international dignitaries and executives, offshore partners, corporate delegates, and student groups.

Additionally, Navitas Professional can engage in the development of outbound study tours, industry connections abroad, corporate social responsibility, volunteering opportunities and other identified elements relating to program requirements. These can be developed in all regions or areas globally and either delivered for course credit or as an additional global experience.