Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a visa to apply for Navitas Professional Internship Program?

You are required to have a suitable visa to undertake an internship program in Australia, unless you're an Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your individual situation. For more information about visas please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

Who is eligible to enrol in Navitas Professional Internship Programs?

To enrol, you must have:

  1. recently completed or currently be completing an undergraduate or postgraduate award in Australia in a relevant field of study
  2. evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent) or be a native English speaker
  3. a successful study history
  4. the eligibility to apply for a suitable visa (if required)

For more eligibility criteria information about your program of interest, click here.

How do I apply for a Navitas Professional Internship Program?

Application process in five easy steps:
•    Step 1: Complete the application form — via the downloadable, editable PDF.
•    Step 2: Attach certified copies of your documents to your application.
•    Step 3: Send your completed application form and documents to Navitas Professional.
•    Step 4: Attend an interview at Navitas Professional or over the phone and pay your application fee.
•    Step 5: Accept your Letter of Offer and pay your program fees.

To find out more information about how to apply, refer to your relevant program below:

Application information Application Form
Navitas Professional Year Program Professional Year Application Form
Navitas Career Experience Program Career Experience Application Form
Navitas Professional Internship Program     Professional Internship Application Form    

What is a USI and how do I apply for one?

USI stands for the Unique Student Identifier. This is an Australia-wide student number which allows students to track their training records across all Australian states and territories. If you need to register or apply for a USI, please visit


How long is the Professional Year Program and what is involved?

The Professional Year Program is a 44 week government gazetted program by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). It involves 32 weeks of part-time coursework and 12 weeks full-time internship at a host company that allows you to utilise your theoretical skills within your field of study, in a practical environment. 

Within the 32 weeks of coursework, you will be covering:

  • Resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria and interview techniques
  • Business soft skills: workplace expectations, WHS, business communications
  • BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business*

A more detailed coursework outline can be found here.

*BSB40215 - Certificate IV in Business is delivered by Navitas Professional Training Pty Ltd (RTO: 21663)

What are the workshops about in the Career Experience Program?

With a Career Experience Program you will be completing 6 face-to-face interactive workshops. This includes:

  • Workshop one: Succeeding in the Australian workplace by understanding culture, management and initiative
  • Workshop two: Succeeding in the Australian workplace through communication, teamwork and diversity
  • Workshop three: Industry connectivity - relationships, networking and promotion
  • Workshop four: Express your personal brand with your portfolio
  • Workshop five: Work integrated learning - your internship experience
  • Workshop six: Researching the job market

For more information on what you will be learning specifically per workshop, here is an overview.


Are internships paid or unpaid?

Internship placements in Australia are generally unpaid. The primary goal of an internship placement is to receive training and gain practical experience. Internships focus on learning from professionals in your industry.

All Navitas Professional internships are formal work experience arrangements, are part of an education program and meet the Fair Work Act 2009 requirements for lawful unpaid internships.

Will there be a list of host companies to choose from?

Internship Placement Coordinators will process your application and liaise with you to match the best host company to your profile. Host companies are given the opportunity to interview several candidates and therefore when you start the program it is recommended to provide as much information as possible regarding your interests.

Where can I complete my internship?

Navitas Professional offers internship programs in all major Australian cities, allowing you to choose the ideal city in which to complete the program. We offer participants the flexibility to transfer between the locations should they wish to study and undertake the internship in different cities.

What are the benefits of completing an internship?

In completing an internship related to your field of studies, you will:

  • enhance your employment opportunities.
  • improve your understanding in application of theoretical knowledge to a 'real work experience'.
  • increased soft skills such as confidence, communication, team-building and leadership skills.
  • understand and learn how to operate in diverse workplace cultures.

For further benefits that Navitas Professional can uniquely provide you, visit our internships page.


Start dates

When can I start the Professional Year Program?

Depending on which Professional Year Program you will be undertaking (Accounting, IT or Engineering) and where you would like to study, the start dates will differ slightly. Visit the start dates page for more information.



When can I start the Career Experience or Professional Internship Programs?

For our Career Experience Program we have flexible face-to-face interactive workshops, where you can join any week of the year. To find out which day of the week is the next workshop, contact

Planning to start the Navitas Professional Internship Program instead? With our flexible online course structure, timetable and the choice of any state to begin your internship; you can choose to start the program at any time. Apply now for the Navitas Professional Internship Program.



Fees & payment

How do I pay for the program?

To find out more information about program fees and the payment process, refer to your relevant program below:

Certified documents

Who is authorised to certify documents?

Click here for more information on who is eligible to certify documents in Australia.