Adelaide’s Soniclean shines in award recognition

Posted by Richard Cowley on 24 September 2015

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With more than 10 awards under its belt already, it’s no wonder forward-thinking Adelaide business Soniclean is recognising the quality of young professionals in the Navitas Professional Year Program.

Soniclean is Australia's leading supplier and exporter of high quality ultrasonic cleaners and equipment, and is recognised by Business SA, the Australian Health Industry and the Australian British Chamber of Commerce for its product’s performance.  

Business Development Manager Ms Susan Lee is also committed to investing in the future of her industry, through investing in the future workforce.

Susan and her team are now on their second Navitas intern, the first remaining in her ranks on full-time employment.

“The first time we tried a Navitas intern last year, we took Rebecca Tiong (pictured, centre) on a three-month unpaid engineering internship,” Susan said.

“We were impressed with her and have gone on to offer her employment.

“Then when Navitas asked us if we would take another intern in July, we had grown enough to offer a suitable project so we grabbed the opportunity,” Susan continued.

Soniclean has more than 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of innovative, world class ultrasonic cleaning machines, experience which fits neatly into the skills sets of their current intern, Mr Wade Yew (pictured, seated).

Honours student Wade studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical and Sustainable Systems) at the University of South Australia and by chance was familiar with the use of ultrasound cleaning equipment.

“I was very excited about this opportunity to expand my knowledge,” Wade said, adding “and the working environment is great too.”

Susan pointed to Wade’s proactiveness saying that he’d already impressed them in a financial sense.

“We have a spare part which we are constantly turning over, of his own initiative Wade has found us a cheaper supplier, so that’s an illustration of his attitude,” she said.

“We’ve a couple of projects in mind that he can complete, and as we’re learning about his skills sets, he’ll be focusing more on one than the other,”  Susan concluded.

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Author: Richard Cowley
Internship Placement Coordinator
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