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Posted by Richard Cowley on 14 September 2015

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Energy Exemplar nestles comfortably in a modern North Adelaide office, and squarely at the forefront of innovative South Australian businesses.

Founded at the end of the 20th century through the energies of a forward-thinking partnership of Glenn Drayton and Louise Roe, Energy Exemplar has grown from an electronic spark of an idea to a company with a full-scale, global footprint.

In 1999 the pair worked together to form Drayton Analytics Pty Ltd, producing a next-generation power market model based entirely on optimisation. The result is the PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model, an Electric and Gas market simulation software now marketed under the brand Energy Exemplar.

Part of the entrepreneurial pair’s skills comes in finding the right people for their team and in recent months the company has successful trialled specially-trained interns.

Which is where ASX Top 100 company Navitas enters the picture.

Navitas Professional provides 44 weeks of real world training to post-university graduates, polishing young professionals with the soft skills they need to enter the workforce.

Chief Technology Officer Mr David Llewellyn (pictured with young professional Qian Tian, left) is key PLEXOS developer and has recently been using Navitas Professional’s ICT interns on their three-month training programs.

“I hadn’t heard of the Navitas Professional program until a fellow I’d employed told me he was doing the course after-hours,”  David said.

“We wanted to support our existing employee, and given that he had an obvious passion for his work, I asked Navitas about their internship systems and whether they had another, similar person.”

Now on his third intern, David is impressed by the enthusiasm emanating from this new-found talent pool.

“There is no doubt that these young professionals are very hungry to work,” David said, adding “although the first person was already working for us, we’ve offered employment to the second person as well, and are very happy with our third intern,”  David concluded.

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