SACOME finds 'fit' with Navitas Professional internships

Posted by Richard Cowley on 12 February 2016

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Sara Li is a young professional and student leader with an undergraduate degree in political education and a double masters majoring in accounting and marketing.

In October 2015, Sara (pictured, right) was accepted to complete a 12 week internship with the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME). SACOME is the peak industry body representing companies with interests in the South Australian minerals, energy, extractive, and oil and gas sectors, and companies who provide services to the industry.

Sara’s internship was facilitated by Navitas Professional Careers and Internships, an Australian-based, ASX100 company and global education provider. Navitas’ relationship with SACOME enabled Sara to seamlessly transition from her one year study program into the internship. In Adelaide, Navitas Professional delivers a course offering 44 weeks of training to post-university graduates, polishing young professionals with the soft skills they will need as they enter the Australian workforce.

The course contains a 12 week internship and together, Navitas and SACOME joined forces to give Sara invaluable experience in her field of study.

In addition to her formal qualifications, Sara is a scholarship winner and student leader. Her broad skill set combined with her geniality were identified and leveraged during her time at SACOME.

Jason Kuchel, Chief Executive of SACOME was quick to see the advantages of hosting someone with such a broad skill set and helped see Sara settle into their finance and administration team where she was able to practice her accounting skills, but still have opportunity to gain experience in other teams.

“Sara’s skills fit in very well at SACOME. In particular, I noticed her ability to complete tasks autonomously when required,” said Mr Kuchel.

“The internship I did with SACOME gave me a great opportunity to put what I’ve learnt into practice, and the most fascinating part is I got the opportunity to attend a broad range of networking events held by SACOME,” Sara said.

Sara’s main focus area at SACOME was researching and identifying companies who could benefit from SACOME’s services, including connecting with SACOME’s minerals and petroleum members, together with benefitting from its lobbying, industry promotion, communication and events activities.

“I did a lot of work with the membership team where I helped on an audit, and conducted research on potential partners in the resources sector,” said Sara.

Director of Strategy and Governance at SACOME, John Cocks (pictured, left) was particularly impressed with this research.

“Along with her excellent accounting skills, Sara was able to identify companies who would benefit from a greater association with South Australia’s resources industry. This was invaluable as it enabled us to share information with a greater range of industry and potential stakeholders,” John said.

“The industry is at a low point in its cycle but remains one of the state’s key economic industries and could well expand rapidly when global conditions improve, so it’s important these relationships with industry partners are developed.”

“Throughout the last month of her internship, I noticed Sara grow as a young professional and seeing her take on new projects was a rewarding experience,” he concluded.

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Internship Placement Coordinator
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