Soft skills: the workplace game changer

Posted by Anna McLeod on 10 November 2015

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It is widely believed that a student must polish their technical capabilities and get as much work experiences as possible to land themselves a dream job. Increasingly though, the emphasis is shifting to soft skills as discovered by Navitas Professional’s student ambassadors, Boris Wang and Leon Gao, at the Melbourne International Student Conference.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, Boris and Leon, spent an enlightening day at the conference; listening to the experiences presented by a range of guest speakers, participating in networking events and attending a Global Employability Forum.

Boris was particularly inspired by one of the guest speakers, Dai Le, who spoke of her personal experience of arriving in Australia as a refugee and her journey to becoming the first female Asian mainstream journalist and broadcaster at the ABC. It was not only her technical abilities that secured her, her dream job, but her personal mantra of “whatever you do, be different” that set her apart and led to her success today.

Through Dai Le’s story, Boris understood that there is no need to “…despair as an international student. Compared to technical knowledge and work experience, our personal qualities such as courage, persistence, aspiration and planning are much more important for finding the right employment and achieving success.”

For Boris and Leon, representing Navitas Professional at the conference was an excellent engagement activity and a boost to their employability confidence. It reassured them that their choice of Navitas Professional and the work readiness skills they have acquired during their Professional Year studies, will equip them to be the next generation of workplace game changers.


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  • Well done Boris, great to see you representing Navitas

    Posted by Tamara, 30/11/2015 1:30am (3 years ago)

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