Where are they now? Bin Thien – IT Support Officer at Navitas

Posted by Navitas Professional on 23 July 2015

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Bin Thien first commenced his internship with Navitas in September 2010, following his enrolment to the Navitas Professional Year program earlier that year.

Bin started out as an international student, studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at Curtin University in Western Australia. Following graduation, Bin successfully completed the Navitas Professional Year Program which included a twelve week internship placement. Bin found himself being offered an internship experience directly within Navitas’ IT division, which he happily accepted. 

Bin Thien went on to be a successful graduate of the PY Program and also became a permanent resident of Australia.  During his internship placement Bin was offered employment with Navitas and is currently working as an IT Support Officer in the IT division of Navitas’ corporate head office in Perth.

Navitas Careers and Internships in Perth recently caught up with Bin to ask him some questions about his experience of the PY Program and to see what he is up to now.

What you were doing before you joined the Navitas Professional Year program in 2010?
“I was an international student, studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at Curtin University on a full-time basis, before I joined the Navitas Professional Year program.”

Why did you choose to enrol in the Navitas Professional Year program?
“As an international student, I really wanted to learn more about the Australian business culture and experience the Australian workplace”

How did you find the internship and placement process?
“I found the internship and placement process to resemble a real-life job placement process, which was the experience I was looking for”

Where did you complete your internship and what was your experience like?
“I completed my internship at Navitas and was originally based at Curtin College in the IT area, until I was transferred to the corporate IT office mid-way through my internship. I learnt a lot during the internship and was able to work on real IT projects, delivering positive outcomes for the business.”

Where are you working now?
“During my internship with Navitas I was offered employment and continued to work with them after completion of my internship. I am still employed by Navitas, in the corporate IT division on a full time basis in Perth. My current role is IT Support Officer.”

How have you progressed in your career so far?
“I have made several progressions in my career at Navitas. I started out as a Level 1 Support Officer, and then joined the systems team working on global IT infrastructure. I am now currently focusing on end user computing.”

What are your future career goals?
“I would like to continue with Navitas and eventually move into a more technical role, where I will be able to develop solutions for the company”

Do you have any advice for recently graduated international students?
“Looking at my own situation, my advice would be don’t be afraid to start small. Everyone has to start somewhere, and Navitas has been a great place for me to start”



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