A.D. Envirotech Australia's rewarding experience with Navitas interns

Posted by on January 20, 2016 at 7:15 PM

A Sydney based environmental and geotechnical engineering company has been providing unique opportunities for Navitas Professional students to gain engineering experience and develop the soft and technical skills to increase their employability.

A.D. Envirotech Australia’s (Envirotech) Laboratory Manager and Chemical Engineer Dominika has been providing work experience for these students and has found the program to be a very rewarding experience for all. “The interns that Navitas provide are all interested in learning, very keen to try new things and most importantly they appreciate everything they learn”. Dominika has employed many of these interns due to their strong work ethic and general interest in growing their careers in the industry. 

Her team has a wide range of experience across environmental science, resource management, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, geology, land and water science and geochemistry fields. This group of professionals has been able to pass on invaluable knowledge to the interns giving them the experience they need to kick-start their careers. 

Jesse Gao is an engineering graduate from the University of Technology Sydney who completed an internship and is now working full-time for Envirotech. Starting as an intern almost 2 years ago Jesse now supervises six staff in the construction and materials lab. “I was given a great opportunity and have learned a lot of interesting stuff.” He says.

Jesse says he is very fortunate to be a part of a company that is growing quickly and has provided him with this great experience. “As a staff member when you see the company grow you can feel real achievement being part of its growth.” 

Another full-time employee and former intern Jeffery Lu has also reaped the benefits from an internship. “My internship was a perfect match as I was able to gain hands on experience doing exactly what I learned at university.” Jeffery completed a Master of Environmental and Master of Civil Engineering at the University of New South Wales. 

Dominika sees these interns as a blank canvas that she can teach the necessary skills to grow as an engineer. She has seen many interns start out with no local experience, grow into professional engineers. Many are now valued members of her team and have contributed to the successful growth of the company.