ACE Body Corporate offers top-floor professional internships

Posted by on January 28, 2016 at 7:26 PM

Working the sometimes complex realm of strata management and juggling personalities against outcomes, provides the perfect dynamic environment for Ace Body Corporate to host Navitas Professional interns.

The mother and son team of Florina and Tyson D’Sylva manage the national body’s Adelaide CBD franchise. They have been hosting interns since 2013 and had been so impressed with the quality of young professionals that they’ve referred Navitas to interstate colleagues.

Navitas Professional offers post-university, soft skills development courses to graduates who want to get ahead of their peers in the competition for employment; young professionals who are ‘hungry’ to start their careers.

“We’ve always found the biggest value is the eagerness these young people bring to our workplace,” said Mr D’Sylva.

“Of course they take some development as any new person starting in an organisation does,” he said, adding, “but over the three-month internship they soon settle into being productive members of our team.”

Hosting interns from the accounting discipline, Mr D’Sylva said that their keenness and eye for detail meant they would often be given the task of checking details in quotes or overseeing invoices for payments.

“They enjoy the challenge of looking for something out of the ordinary and it’s not uncommon for them to turn up something that requires further investigation,” he said.

The D’Sylvas have expertise in business management, IT, health management and social justice, and this broad mix helps them to age and guide the professional development of interns from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

“We’re very conscious that it’s the first time these young professionals have been exposed to an Australian workplace,” Mr D’Sylva said.

“As part of the responsibilities as a hosting business we have to make sure the young professionals are doing work in their field, and that they have access to a mentor."

“Providing a mentor and developing project work ensures the transition of the young professional’s knowledge from theory to ‘real-world’ practices flows smoothly, with benefit to both intern and our business,” he concluded.