BT drives on with help of professional interns

Posted by on February 3, 2016 at 7:18 PM

Adelaide’s BT Transport & Logistics is in top gear despite the trying economic times, and management value the worth that Navitas Professional’s interns add to the company.

Navitas Professional offers post-university, soft skills development courses to international students who realise they have to get ahead of their graduating colleagues in the hunt for employment.

Since 2012, BT has taken seven interns from Navitas Professional.

Mr Mills, Chief Executive Officer of BT, said it was a two-way street with benefit to both the host company and young professional.

“Across the disciplines of accounting, IT and engineering we’ve always found the skills sets these young professionals bring to be something the company can leverage, as we mentor them in their internships,” Mr Mills said.

“As a business, we’re responsible for offering a safe environment where the interns can practice what they’ve learnt at university,” Mr Mills continued, adding “and they often bring unique or more up-to-date knowledge than the business is able to effectively tap into.”

“In their interview we gauge the potential intern’s interest and capabilities, paint a picture of the goal of the project we’d like them to accomplish and make sure there is a ‘fit’ between their expectations and what the company can provide,” he added.

Mr Chen Chou (pictured, second from right) recently graduated from the University of South Australia with dual qualifications in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Systems, under his Master of Information Technology degree.

Formerly from Taiwan, Chen had served in the Taiwanese Army in the Public Relations sector, so his confidence and skills sets immediately caught the eye of Mr Mills.

“We’ve had Chen working on Business Intelligence, Process Mapping our sales department and workshop processes,” he said.

For his part, Chen was grateful for the experience provided by Navitas. “The two projects I worked on highly align with my background and professional skills,” Mr Chou said. “The projects were well constructed and outlined, I was able to work independently but get help when I needed it.”

“Overall the internship provided me with valuable experiences for career development.”

But it’s no wonder as BT is so passionate and offers such excellent internships.

Grinning amiably the CEO added, “When I was 21, I had an internship myself. I attributed it to the fact that I’m a CEO now much to what I was able to learn in that environment,” Mr Mills concluded.