Career development on track with Australian Rail Track Corporation

Posted by on July 15, 2015 at 1:06 AM

The Australian Rail Track Corporation has headed down the path of trialling their first Navitas Professional intern, and is delighted at the results.

Navitas is an ASX Top 100 company and in Adelaide it provides post graduate, soft-skills development courses for young professionals wanting to add interpersonal abilities to the technical skills they learnt at university. The courses include a 12 week internship so the graduates are well prepared in both practical and personal skills.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd. (ARTC) was created after the Commonwealth and State Governments agreed to the formation of a ‘one stop shop’ for all operators seeking access to the National interstate rail network.

ARTC was approached by the training division of Engineers Australia, Engineering Education Australia (EEA) with a view to offering a placement to a young engineer. EEA approached Navitas and the communication loop was complete, Navitas sent three candidates’ résumés to ARTC for review.

Former University of Adelaide Bachelor of Engineering Honours student Mr Xilin Lu (pictured left) was successful in the interview process and is quick to praise the value of his placement.

“Working within ARTC, my internship helped me practice my technical, communication and problem-solving skills,” Xilin said.

“In particular, I had the opportunity to do a three-day visit to Ararat in Victoria to follow up on some of the work I’d developed,” he added.

David Ogucha (pictured right) is the Track and Civil Standards Engineer at ARTC’s Enterprise Services and he was full of praise for the professional attitude Xilin brought to his internship.

“Xilin has shown exceptional ability in grasping a complex engineering topic,” David said.

“He has done research and engineering analysis to produce reports that will help implement changes in how ARTC undertakes work to control thermal stress in rail.

“He relates and communicates within the team well and is keen to learn new skills,” David concluded.

Following the completion of his internship Xilin applied for an available engineering position at ARTC, and following a competitive interview process was appointed to the role.

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