Double Hat-Trick for Professional Year Candidates

Posted by on January 13, 2017 at 12:54 AM

A Sydney based software development company, DataDevice, specialises in office automation technologies for the modern workforce and their clients. It deploys workflow management tools, data capture platforms, enterprise content management systems, mobile technologies and UI experiences.

With their ever expanding operations, the team at DataDevice employed three previous Navitas interns after their internships and now provided opportunities to another three to develop their soft and technical skills over their 12 week internship. 

"Navitas are extremely professional which made working with them easy. We found the candidates had a high degree of skills as well as being workplace ready, which is key to recruiting for our business." - Natalie, supervisor at DataDevice

Let’s hear what Navitas graduates and interns think about their overall experience with our Professional Year Program. 

Jacqueline Leaw

Jacqueline - Business Analyst at DataDevice

As a previous Navitas intern, what advice would you give a student who was thinking about enrolling in Navitas' Professional Year Program?

"If you are having doubts in choosing a career partner, go to Navitas. It has a great learning environment and provide the best professional service."

Abdul Rehman Abdul - Business Analyst intern at DataDevice

As a current IT intern at DataDevice, what is the most valuable thing you have learnt from your internship?

"The most important thing I learnt from DataDevice is their approach to projects and the importance of being 'hands on' with all aspects of the project.

It has been a great experience in learning the end to end process of managing IT projects."

Runhau Sam Guan Sam - Programmer at DataDevice

As a previous Navitas intern, what was the obstacle you were experiencing before you completed the Professional Year Program?

"I was constantly searching for jobs and filling out online applications but was getting no response. After joining the Professional Year, the internship component of the program really enhanced my skills as a programmer and resulted in a position of offer from DataDevice."

Wei Chih Henry Liao Henry - Programmer intern at DataDevice

As a current intern, what did you like most about the Professional Year Program?

"What I liked most about the Professional Year Program is the opportunities it had offered me. It offered an international student like me knowledge about the Australian workplace, job-search skills and how to demonstrate our abilities to prospective employers."

Surina Dongol Surina - Business Analyst at DataDevice

What was your employment situation like before you joined the Professional Year Program?

"I was a graduate looking to be part of Australian professional environment to enhance my knowledge and skills and it was not an easy start. I joined Professional Year as a requirement for my ACS Skills Assessment but it turned out to be much more than that.

Navitas Professional Year Program provided me the best suited internship placement. My skills were recognised as a Business Analyst which lead to my dream job now at DataDevice."

Rahul Kantamaneni Rahul - Business Analyst intern at DataDevice

How is your current experience as an intern at DataDevice?

"I felt that I was really well trained by DataDevice; because of it, I was given the opportunity to project lead a newly contracted project. This experience has boosted my confidence and I know I will land that dream job once I complete my internship."

Thank you DataDevice for your support to Navitas Professional, our participants and the continuous contribution you do to transition fresh graduates to professionals. Special thanks to Natalie for your mentor-ship and guidance to our interns.