Shaye of World Challenge talks about her experience in working with Navitas Professional

Posted by on November 13, 2018 at 11:21 PM

World Challenge builds the life skills young people need to live a life of courage, kindness and adventure. Every year, over 8,000 students travel to over 40 destinations worldwide with World Challenge for an unforgettable experience and learning. It is one of the 4,600+ host companies where Navitas Professional students are placed for their internship.

Shaye is no stranger to hosting Navitas Professional Interns – and takes her role as the mentor and supervisor seriously. When we asked her about the impact of the internship on the students, she said, “It is very rewarding to see Navitas interns develop from beginning to end. To start with they may be nervous and unsure of their tasks, and by the end are confident, finding new and better ways of doing things, and are eager to learn new things.”

“Most of all they are happy with the experience they have had that will help them find a permanent position,” Shaye mentioned. She pointed out that problem solving, communication and time management skills are critical to success for the interns.

Over the course of the last 2 years, World Challenge has offered 7 of the Navitas Professional interns permanent, fixed term or casual contracts at the end of their internships. During our visit, we spoke to Grace Ge and Yee Lin Choong – they had both started as interns, and now are working with the company