Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships

Get the advantage you need to stand out from the crowd and land a great job.

As a recent graduate, you will find that every listed job could have over 200 applicants, making it extremely competitive to secure a good job in your field of study. With many employers now expecting candidates to bring some level of work experience as well as the required qualifications, landing that perfect job may prove more difficult than completing your studies.


A Virtual Internship could give you the edge over other candidates.

For over a decade, Navitas Professional has specialised in promoting and implementing Work Integrated Learning. We have done this by placing students directly into practical internships with Australian businesses. Our internship placements have resulted in more than 80% of students receiving job offers within six months of graduating

As a result of the success of the Navitas Internship program we are excited to announce that the Navitas Virtual Internship Program is now available for all students in the following streams:

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Why join this virtual internship?

Virtual Internships simulate work that graduates typically undertake when employed in leading companies. Virtual Internships provide flexibility to students who need it, by allowing tasks to be completed anytime and anywhere.

You will be able to access real-world examples of work tasks and see examples of real solutions by real employed staff, allowing you to develop your current skills and help you build your future career plan.

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Click here to experience the Navitas Professional Virtual Internship.


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