Virtual Internships: Students

For any employer, hiring new talent is often a long and expensive process that involves searching for people with existing experience, even for junior roles. What this means for you is that it’s not enough to simply have a certificate or university degree to be considered for a role.

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With a virtual internship, you will be able to gain valuable real-world experience and workplace knowledge of real Australian businesses to help you stand out from the crowd. Feel empowered as you work through the Virtual Internship at your own pace and from anywhere you can get on the net.

What a Virtual Internship Module Looks like

Each Virtual Internship stream consists of a number of key development areas and subjects that consist of real-world examples of tasks that you would be expected to complete in a real workplace.

Available streams include:

  • Finance & Accounting: Access real-world examples of finance tasks and gain insights into your current skills which will help you build your future career plan.
  • Australian Corporate: Gain an insight into what to expect as they take up a corporate role in Australian business. This program is ideal for those starting out in an office-based role in the Australian workforce, or someone who wants to refresh their knowledge about common business practices in the Australian context.
  • Australian Health Industry: Gain real-time exposure to health-related industries that require an inherent level of expertise
  • STEM: Gain real-time exposure to STEM-related industries that require an inherent level of expertise. This program is ideal for those starting out in a job in Australia, or someone who wants a refresher about common practices in the Australian context.
  • Career Search:  Gain relevant online job search skills to secure a role in the Australian workforce. Learn job search tips from industry experts. This virtual internship has been designed to give you the skills to search for a job and to conduct an independent investigation of advertised jobs to ensure you are the right fit for it and it for you.

Course Structure of the Finance and Accounting Virtual Internship:

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