Virtual Internships: University Partners

Virtual Internships: University Partners

The Navitas Professional Virtual Internship program gives a unique opportunity to engage students early in their educational journeys. Virtual Internships help students develop key workplace skills. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to provide fantastic value and to retain students longer. Navitas Professional's virtual internships have been put together to ensure scalability, cost-effectiveness and to support your student recruitment and retention strategies.

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The simulated platform is a low-risk environment for students to test their skills and apply their theoretical knowledge, for many students for the first time, in their chosen study area. Students can develop practical skills without the pressure of failure and complete work at their own pace from anywhere they are connected to the internet. Students then receive a certificate to add to their portfolio or resume – or to post on LinkedIn.

Choose from a selection of streams including: 

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Navitas Professional also offers custom programs tailored to your organisation's learning requirements, values, and processes suitable for your particular student body. Our virtual internships also ensure equal access to all students, can be mapped to key learning outcomes that you define, and are modular and stackable ensuring a seamless delivery process.

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