Customised Workshop Solutions

Students who successfully complete a work integrated learning workshop will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Navitas Professional. In the context of work-readiness, students will gain a competitive advantage through understanding workplace expectations, practicing communication techniques and developing their professional image; all of which is needed to give students the best chance of success in both landing and succeeding throughout their internship.

Workshop sessions currently available include:

Winning job search strategies

In the competitive landscape university graduates must navigate and prepare in order to be the best candidate when applying for a position to secure employment. Techniques, strategies and cultural understandings are explored to make job applicants exceed the expectations of the employer and enhance the employability of each individual.


  • Analysing the job market
  • Hidden job opportunities
  • Addressing selection criteria
  • Unpacking job advertisements
  • Networking advantages
  • Interview preparation

Develop your communication edge

All business transactions are conveyed utilising one form of communication or another. The exchange of words and numbers occur millions of times per day in business and can vary from the most simple to incredibly complicated, where every one of those transactions carries its own value. The ability of a young professional to communicate is a business-critical skill that employers will highly value.


  • Email language for executives
  • Effectively scheduling your appointments
  • Professional business etiquette
  • Building telephone technique

Professional brand marketing and portfolio development

You may never before have thought of yourself as a product. Examine your image from a variety of aspects by unpacking your physical image and your digital image to create the right business image for you. Consider marketing yourself as a product to a prospective employer – ponder questions such as: What value could I add to this company? Why would I be the right choice for this company? Why hire me instead of another graduate of my class? How can I make dynamic industry connections? These questions will lead you to consider what kinds of tools you will need to support your Brand. All specialised activities require specialised tools. As university graduates transition from student to professional life, the essential tools required to make the transition will need to be designed, constructed, customised, developed and scrutinized to reflect the image and core features that will ultimately strengthen an application for employment. Various media in written, digital and tactile form are utilised to carefully mould the appropriate portfolio for candidates to successfully promote themselves for career positions.


Session 1:
  • Review, refine and maintain your image
  • Making social media work for you
  • Develop your personalised marketing plan
Session 2:
  • Build your professional resume
  • Customise your cover letter
  • Establish and refine your Linkedin profile

Showcase your projects to match your professional image

Entrepreneurial opportunity

As the world of work evolves, the concept of securing a job for life within a company is also evolving. The development of global markets has expanded business beyond the confines of traditional company structures. Companies are rapidly expanding to adapt to new production technologies, newer and faster communication exchanges, online business transactions and multiple site locations across continents. As a result, new expectations of employees have emerged, as have questions surrounding the commitment to hiring employees versus the flexibility of hiring a specialised contractor on a project by project basis. This session explores how university graduates can adapt to this thinking and establish themselves in preparation for offers of contract positions.


  • Workplace culture and dynamics
  • Expectations
  • Self- management
  • Ethical ideas
  • Career planning
  • Problem solving

Dynamic industry connection

Industries thrive through a chasm of intricate relationships, partnerships, connections, interconnections, dependencies and linkages. To navigate the machinations of industry to secure a position within it, it is important to understand relationships of key stakeholders and the forces that drive their business. Students learn how to reach out and make valuable connections with industry representatives in your chosen field through exploring your unique advantage and vision for your working future.


  • Targeted networking
  • Company research and industry analysis
  • The value of subscriptions
  • Listen to a guest speaker from industry
  • Your entry point into the organisation

Australian workplace health and safety

All Australian employers have a responsibility to their employees to provide a safe and healthy work environment. In the same way, all employees are required to work safely and to abide by the workplace safety policies and procedures. This 1 day course provides an introduction to the practices utilised by Australian workplaces to meet their legislative requirements and to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Students are exposed to a broad overview of information relating to State and Federal WHS legislation, as well as a general understanding of the roles of employers and employees and their duty of care.

Course content is delivered across three main areas of study:

  • Work Health and Safety Governance in Australian Workplaces
  • Safe Work Practices
  • WHS Reporting Procedures

*Please note: workshop content can be developed to cater to your institutional needs. Enquire today and our Business Development and Industry Engagement Manager will be in contact to discuss and plan your unique coursework solution.