Information for Host Companies

Information for Host Companies

A host company is an organisation which offers training to students and recent graduates through a tailored internship or work integrated learning (WIL) opportunity. The host company provides the intern with a safe learning environment and a mentor who helps them to apply the theoretical knowledge learned through university study in a practical work environment.

Navitas' business reputation as a large multinational company gives us access to similar companies to host our interns. The leading businesses in Australia trust us to provide quality interns and engage in supporting our placements with a quality internship.


The benefits of Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

There are no costs for partnering with Navitas Professional and accepting an intern into your organisation.

The internship is an unpaid placement and interns are insured by Navitas so there is no risk or financial expense to your organisation.

Many of our interns are bilingual; their linguistic skills and overseas experience can be of enormous benefit to organisations with a global footprint and an international workforce.

Incorporating interns into your ongoing business strategy provides:

  • access to highly trained, entry-level graduates and identification of future talent
  • opportunities for existing staff to develop workplace training, management and mentoring capabilities
  • relief of skills shortages, resources to develop new projects and test ideas
  • an outlet for corporate social responsibility and means of contributing to your industry and community


What is required of your organisation?

Navitas Professional manages the placement of interns who will make a positive contribution to your workplace. All that is required of your business is to provide a safe learning environment and an assigned mentor who will provide them with relevant work, based on the agreed training plan.


How to host an intern?

Sourcing an intern through Navitas Professional is straightforward. We work with you to develop a customised training plan and provide a shortlist of candidates for you to interview.


How it works

  1. A Navitas Professional representative will visit your organisation to discuss the training process.
  2. With your assistance, we will put together an internship agreement and training plan that includes key dates, roles and responsibilities of all involved parties.
  3. A Navitas Professional Internship Placement Coordinator will review the resumes of potential interns and provide you with a short-list of candidates.
  4. Your organisation interviews the candidates and selects an intern.
  5. The candidate starts their internship with your organisation, in accordance with the internship agreement and training plan.
  6. Navitas Professional’s Internship Placement Coordinators will monitor the intern’s progress and provide you and the intern with any support needed.
  7. At the end of the internship your Internship Placement Coordinators will obtain a full debrief, finalise the training program with your company and check in to see if we can be of further assistance.

There is no expectation that your organisation will hire the intern and no obligation or fees due to Navitas Professional.


How can I find out more about Navitas Professional internships?

Contact us to discuss industry engagement opportunities for your organisation, and discover how an intern can benefit your workplace by emailing or fill in an enquiry form

Navitas Professional offers internship placement services and industry engagement opportunities in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.